I’ve got friends, you’ve got friends

Jackie Renzetti

After a wholesome five hours of sleep one morning last week, I tuned in to the Current’s morning show and endured 50 seconds of confusion and hilarity as the audio from this fantastic video played. I spent the rest of the day finding more where that came from.


Meet Dotflist: The YouTuber who completely replaces the music and lyrics of TV themes with soft rock tunes that have an addictive, surreal draw to them. Sometimes they fall more on the parodic side, where the lyrics flat-out describe what happens in the show. I found others to fall more on the absurdist side, leaving you to question your perception of reality. I’m serious!


Regardless, they’re always enjoyable. I spent quite a chunk of time looking through these, with reactions ranging from amusement, discomfort and inspiration. Below are 10 highlights.


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  2. Rugrats

  3. Game of Thrones

  4. The West Wing

  5. Mad Men

  6. Hey Arnold

  7. Scrubs

  8. Sister, Sister

  9. Gilmore Girls

  10. Home Improvement


Bonus: Dotflist’s own take on the already bizarre Too Many Cooks.