Registration still easy

Many students hoping to make last-minute changes to their class schedules have been complaining bitterly about the malfunctioning registration system. Either because of glitches or “loopholes,” few people have been able to access the recently installed PeopleSoft server. Expecting a flawless system, students fail to realize the exceptional convenience with which they can now register despite the system’s current deficiencies.
PeopleSoft problems began emerging with financial aid disbursements for fall semester, pushing back deadlines until as late as January. More headaches arose in November when students first began registering for spring semester courses.
But students should keep in mind the ease and convenience of online registration despite PeopleSoft’s recent failings. Although students might have to wait a while to connect to the server, they can do so from the comfort of their in-home computer chair or in one of the University’s computer labs while e-mailing friends.
By waiting until the peak usage times to register — such as the first day of class — the system will undoubtedly become inundated with users. Students should understand that inconveniences with the new system can be prevented by making slight adjustments in their schedules.