Weekend Culture Compass — Jack, The National and Shark Week

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome.

A Great White Shark gets high with a large jump.

Photo courtesy Discovery Channel

A Great White Shark gets high with a large jump.

Tony Libera

Friday Music âÄî The National First Avenue 701 1st Ave. N. 8 p.m. The National are all the rage with the kids these days, what with their latest widely praised LP, âÄúHigh Violet.âÄù But these guys donâÄôt just rest on the laurels of their studio production; check them out at First Avenue if you donâÄôt believe the hype. Saturday Movies âÄî The Jack Nicholson Experience: Five Easy Pieces The Trylon 3258 Minnehaha Ave. 7 p.m., 9 p.m. Jack Nicholson has been in a heck of a lot of quality flicks, winning him legions of fans and icon status. âÄúFive Easy Pieces,âÄù with its infamous chicken sandwich scene, is one that put olâÄô Jack on the map. Sunday Art âÄî Uptown Art Fair Hennepin Ave. S. & Lake St. 10 a.m. Start your lazy Sunday off right with a stroll through the Uptown Art Fair. ThereâÄôs quality food, family-friendly tunes and, what else, a massive collection of local art for sale. ItâÄôs August already, which means summer is almost gone. Get outside while you still can. Culture to Consume Read this: âÄúRed Hook RoadâÄù is Ayelet WaldmanâÄôs latest release. If you know nothing else about her, know that sheâÄôs married to the amazing Michael Chabon âÄî so you know sheâÄôs cool. Listen to this: WavvesâÄô âÄúKing of the BeachâÄù has officially been released, so hunker down and give that sucker a run through if you didnâÄôt already get the leak. ItâÄôs a solid summer record, so blast it as we ride off into the sunset that is the school year. Check out Raghav MehtaâÄôs review for full details. Watch this: If youâÄôve forgotten about Shark Week 2010, hereâÄôs your reminder. Grab a bowl (of chips), bake yourself (some brownies) or smoke a joint (of not marijuana) and watch these ancient beasts destroy everything in their paths. Drink this: Keeping in line with my tradition of recommending drinks based solely on their names, I give you Death in a Bottle. ItâÄôs 1 oz. Bacardi Limón, 1 oz. tequila, 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz. whiskey, 3 oz. strawberry mix, 2 oz. cranberry juice and 2 oz. orange juice. IâÄôm sure itâÄôs every bit as lethal as it sounds. Eat this: Apparently theyâÄôre selling complete sandwiches in cans now âÄî for the high-class businessman who just doesnâÄôt have the time to sit down and make his PB&J. My guess is these are terrible, but itâÄôs worth a try. This is America after all. Check them out at http://markonefoods.com/ Click this: Finally, Auto-Tune is put to good use. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMtZfW2z9dw