Public Service Reviews

Response to people who pirate pornography âÄî DonâÄôt copy that floppy. Hucking eggs at unsuspecting passersby âÄî The faster the speed, the bigger the mess. The Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner break-up, resulting in Hef shacking up with two 19-year-old vapid-looking twins and kicking âÄúThe Girls Next DoorâÄù to the curb âÄî This is your brain on drugs. Anything good about the last eight years with President George W. Bush? âÄî You can learn a lot from a dummy. Kids rolling around uncontrollably on Heeley âÄúskate shoesâÄù at the Mall of America âÄî ItâÄôs 8 p.m. Do you know where your children are? Jamie LynnâÄôs second pregnancy âÄî Cap it before you tap it. Tanqueray and Tonic âÄî My anti-drug. Always remembering to toss your cig butts in a garbage can or ashtray even when youâÄôre wicked hammered âÄî Give a hoot! DonâÄôt pollute! Your depressingly low bank statement âÄî Marijuana costs you more than you think. Miley Cyrus âÄî Just because she has the body doesnâÄôt mean she has the brain.