Students ticketed by police could face U sanctions

Punishments will be determined after the University investigates.

The University of Minnesota has the names of all students arrested and ticketed in connection with Saturday nightâÄôs riot in Dinkytown, and it plans to take disciplinary action against them, said Jerry Rinehart, the UniversityâÄôs vice provost for student affair s. The UniversityâÄôs Student Conduct Code allows the University to punish students for action taken off campus if it âÄúadversely affects a substantial University interest,âÄù and is either illegal or presents a danger to public safety. The clause was implemented after the hockey riots in 2003. Ticketed students will be called in to the conduct code office, which will decide what kind of sanctions are appropriate based on the severity of the crimes described in police reports and student testimony, he said. âÄúWe may need to do some further checking in some cases,âÄù Rinehart said. Possible sanctions could include probation, community service, suspension or even expulsion from the University, Rinehart said. In addition to hurting the UniversityâÄôs reputation, the incident has already hurt its pocketbook as well, Rinehart said. Some alumni have already sent e-mails saying they had been planning to donate but do not want to support a student body acting like it did last weekend. He said house parties would probably happen with or without a University sponsored event such as Spring Jam, and that police generally support large University events because they are controlled and donâÄôt provide alcohol.

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The University will have to look at the pros and cons of Spring Jam and whether it was a contributing factor to the rioting before planning future events, he said. âÄúWe understand celebrating spring, but it should not involve starting fires and breaking things,âÄù Rinehart said. âÄúAlcohol tends to bring out the lowest common denominator in crowds.âÄù Five University students were arrested, out of a total of 12 arrests.