Student fees contribute to University services

Jamie Yuccas

The University offers more than just an education. A wealth of services are available to students, including the use of libraries, Boynton Health Service and the Recreation Center, to name a few. But these services come at an added cost.

When a student at the University enrolls for six or more credits they must pay a $238.22 student services fee in addition to tuition.

These fees are distributed to 27 different organizations, centers, associations and services on campus.

The Student Services Fees Committee is responsible for deciding which organizations receive funding and how much they receive.

“If students and faculty get together and there’s a difference in opinion we let everyone speak until there is nothing more to continue discussing, and if it can’t pass the majority it doesn’t pass for funding,” said fees committee member Rebecca Moss.

The University Board of Regents approves the fees committee’s proposals for fees allocations.

When registering for classes, a student can decide not to pay two of the fees which are classified as “refusable/refundable.” The money from these fees goes to two campus organizations: the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group and the Student Legislative Coalition.

Both organizations seek to involve students in important issues related to the U and life in general.

“When MPIRG first started in 1970, it was a mandatory dollar fee. Starting in the mid-70s, it changed to refusable/refundable,” MPIRG spokeswoman Monica Meyer said.

Meyer said she likes the fee set-up because it allows students to opt out but also allows the organization stability.

“Students can get a refund throughout the term; all they have to do is call us,” Meyer said.

MPIRG can be contacted at 612-627-4035 with any questions or comments.

The office of the registrar will not know until July how much tuition and student fees will cost this year.

There will be an increase in both, as the University did not receive the amount of state money requested in its budget proposal this legislative session.

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