Daily hosts forums to improve coverage

Jake Weyer

No matter what your role is at the University, whether you are a student, professor, administrator or just someone who spends a lot of time on campus, The Minnesota Daily is created for you.

At an institution with more than 50,000 students spread throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis, our task is a large one. We strive to find stories that matter to as many people at the University as possible.

But we are far from perfect. There are programs, departments and people who have rarely or never had any mention in the paper. There are also communities that have been covered inappropriately.

One way to improve the diversity of our coverage is to meet with the University community to talk about it. The Daily will be hosting two forums on diversity: one Tuesday and another April 6.

Anyone who is interested in creating a newspaper that accurately reflects the University population is welcome to attend one or both dates. The agenda will be the same at each forum.

The following will be discussed:

– How decisions are made about what to cover and how stories are ranked in the paper

– The separation of news and editorials and opinions

– Past and present Daily content and steps that have been taken to cover different communities appropriately

– Diversity of the Daily’s staff and ways to improve

– Recommendations to improve coverage

Though the Daily will never please everyone, it should provide some service for each person at the University. Help us make this paper worth reading for everyone.