Universities should pay for veterans

I find the editorial published in The Minnesota Daily in regard to the New GI Bill highly disturbing. The GI Bill has been underfunded for the past 35 years. If the universities have to pay only pay half of the tuition for an out-of-state veteran to attend their school that is the universitiesâÄô problem. What the Daily Collegian editorial board failed to realize is that universities charge twice as much for out-of-state tuition as they charge their own state. If the federal government has to pay half of the cut of state tuition cost, and the universities have to pay the other half, then the veterans are essentially paying the same rate for tuition as a resident student. The universities should automatically offer in-state tuition to all veterans. Furthermore, veterans in many other western countries treat their veterans like gods. The United Kingdom, France and Germany all offer more benefits for their veterans than the United States. I ask the Daily Collegian editorial board this: What have you ever done for your country, militarily or as a civilian? The only reason why this editorial can be written is because of the tremendous sacrifices veterans and civilian activists have made in our country over the last 232 years. Andrew Huff University student veteran