University reveals “sunrise” plan, gradually reintroduce workers back to campus

In response to Gov. Tim Waltz’s efforts to reopen the state, the University of Minnesota has released a plan intended to gradually reopen campus, according to a University-wide email sent out Friday.

The first phase of the sunrise plan outlines what kinds of workers can return to campus, a decision that will be determined on a case by case basis. Workers are asked to consult their supervisors and submit request forms to return to campus. Once the request is accepted, staff and faculty are clear to resume working.  

Workers the university mainly expects to return to working in-person include those whose presence is required to complete research or need on-site equipment. This can include both researchers and administrators who who cannot work from home.

However, those who are able to work from home will continue to do so, as social distancing guidelines will still apply. 

Employees are asked to report any symptoms of covoid to their supervisor.  They are also asked to record their temperatures before and after work.

“Now, based on updated guidance from state and public health officials, and the University’s own medical and public health experts, we believe that we can slowly and carefully reopen some limited functions,” said President Gabel in the email.