University Dining Services’ food selection

This is in response to Katherine Adelmeyer’s column “Dining service should offer healthier meals” (Nov. 18). While Adelmeyer raises some valid concerns that a number of University Dining Services goers have, I believe she missed some key issues.

She blames the dining service for offering a menu that is nutritionally unbalanced. In and of itself, this is not a wrong statement, but she fails to take note that the choices of what you and I eat are not (directly) made by University Dining Services, but by us. We can choose to eat that fourth piece of pizza or that second piece of cake or a salad without dressing.

While you can accuse University Dining Services of providing an unbalanced menu, it is unfair to place blame solely on them. The responsibility of eating healthy falls on us as well.

Opinions are a great thing to have, but they need to be expressed to the right people. If you truly think something needs to be changed, you need to talk directly to the managers who are in a position to do something. Go talk to your respective dining hall manager, fill out those comment cards that are available in each dining hall and be constructive. By giving them our concerns in writing, they have something concrete to work with and they can see how many students have the same opinion.

There are also monthly food meetings with University Dining Services management that each hall should send a representative to. They talk about matters that affect all dining halls, such as meals and meal plans. Talk to your local hall council to find out more.

The Daily is a good place to start making people aware of problems, but to move toward a solution we need to bring our concerns directly to the people who are in a position to do something.

Cameron Macintosh, Comstock Hall Council president