With severance of Russell contract, Latin American voice heard

While so many are moaning and groaning about immigration and greedy institutions, we seldom see someone actually doing something about it. The voice of Mexico and Latin America is largely ignored because either it is not heard or not understood. After reading about the University of MinnesotaâÄôs decision to cut ties with Russell, I felt proud to hear the big voice of my own University use itself in a big way. Businesses, such as Russell, that take that voice away from workers are the ones that encourage emigration. When you take the opportunity away from people to provide for themselves and their families, you force them to find opportunity elsewhere. That âÄúelsewhereâÄù has often become the United States. While there is no legal right to enter the United States undocumented, there still exists a divine right to assure the survival of yourself and your loved ones. Every business has the inert responsibility to protect the rights of its workers, but not all businesses apply this to more than their immediate employees or their supply chain. The agreement among the 13 colleges to cut Russell stands for more than the 1,800 people losing their jobs. It assures that Latin America and Mexico have a voice that is heard and that suppliers to the Big Ten have a record of social responsibility and accountability. We can only hope that these voices are the first among many to call for a degree of fairness that becomes the rule and not the exception. So for this, I thank you, University of Minnesota, for holding yourself to a higher standard of operating âÄî and for many âÄî living. Kara Prussing University student