No time for moderation

In the past the editorial board was handcuffed by politeness.

Moderate times call for moderate measures. But these times are by no means for the moderate, instead favoring the extreme. It is extreme when thousands in our country are dying because our forces are killing thousands in another country. It is extreme when our president and national leaders make jokes while Americans die slowly in a pool of feces and fetid water.

Our country has become what it detested at its birth, an empire. An empire grinding away at the most vulnerable around the world and here at home. This editorial board refuses to concede that “things are fine and God bless America.” Things are not fine and we all better damn well do something about it.

The United States is not inherently blessed. The United States was born out of genocide and crushing the weakest until the weakest fought back or faded away. What is interpreted as a blessing is really centuries of contradiction and conflict until the rights of all are inched closer to our instilled ideals.

In the past the editorial board was handcuffed by politeness. Editorials were boring, gutless and emotionless. We were a part of the shocked and slumbering America while Lilliputians filled with greed, bigotry and ignorance worked to tie down the giant that is the common people. Their binds can hold no more. Their lies can deceive no more. The senses of the people are becoming acute and attune. The times are changing.

This editorial board is accountable to no one except ourselves, our fellow students and the American ideals we were all born to uphold. Every generation strove for these ideals, but this generation has so far failed to produce, provide or provoke. We are students just as the majority of you are. Do not confuse our opinions and opinions presented on this page with the objective coverage of our reporters and separate newsroom. This generation is lacking leaders and this editorial board hopes to provide some guidance through the coming storms.