Celebrating Schunk’s life

As a community, we cannot allow the story of a killed University student to be forgotten.

Daily Editorial Board

The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board would like to offer our condolences to the loved ones of University student Anarae Schunk.

Schunk was last seen Sept. 22 after reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend Anthony Lee Nelson, who allegedly shot and killed a man at a Burnsville bar. Schunk disappeared after the shooting, with no sign of her even after Nelson’s arrest. Her body was found in a ditch last Monday, and police are investigating her death as a homicide.

After a frantic search, Schunk’s family and friends now have some closure, a small comfort in the face of heartrending tragedy.

Steven Matula, whose sister Mandy is still missing, aided in the search for Schunk and other missing Minnesota children. Matula serves as a humbling example of how one might move forward in times of great sorrow.

The Matula family’s story is also a reminder of those still missing in Minnesota, and their loved ones’ search for truth and justice.

In her obituary, Schunk’s family said she “had a keen interest in education” and had dedicated her life to helping others learn. Schunk was pursuing a sociology degree.

Schunk’s commitment to her community and education provides an example all University students can learn from. We can grow as a community despite tragic loss if we make a similar commitment to investing in each other.

Schunk’s family is taking donations at any U.S. Bank location or through PayPal. More information can be found at the “Please Help Find Anarae Schunk” Facebook page.

We encourage any struggling University students or staff to seek out University counseling services.