Riverside residents protest management

Nearly 100 people gathered for a demonstration Friday.

by Elizabeth Smith

Residents and community members lined Cedar Avenue outside the Riverside Plaza  Friday to protest the building’s management.

Nearly 100 people gathered for the demonstration, which is the second of its kind this month.

“They see us as voiceless and we need something to change,” said Faysal Hassan, a resident of the Plaza since 2006.

Residents took issue with broken elevators, a lack of guest parking and what some called harassment by management.

“The elevators are always broken, we pay for parking and get towed,” resident Hussein Abdi said. “We are disrespected.”

Ward 6 Council Member Abdi Warsame was present and said a public listening session would be held on April 3 at the Brian Coyle Center. Warsame said representatives from the Department of Regulatory Services will be present to hear resident’s complaints.

“We want to understand and help the tenants and management understand each other,” Warsame said. “We need to be able to have open dialect.”