Student government helps protect students

MSA encourages students to attend a ‘Night of Safety’ and complete survey.

Safety is an integral aspect of collegiate life. Because of the concern for students’ safety on and off campus, Minnesota Student Association has decided to sponsor a “Night of Safety” on Wednesday.

The night will begin with a safety walk from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. that will start in front of Coffman. This walk will encompass the entire Minneapolis campus as well as parts of Southeast Como and Marcy Holmes neighborhoods. Walking with the group will be the University police, Minneapolis police, private residents of the neighborhood, Housing and Facilities officials and University staff and students. The event will provide participants a chance to examine areas on and off campus and locate areas that are problematic. It will conclude in the Mississippi Room of Coffman Union, where organizations like the Aurora Center will have beneficial information regarding safety and safety-related topics awaiting walkers. At 6:45 p.m. in the Mississippi Room, the University and MSA will sponsor a discussion where students can provide input in an impact report about making the local neighborhoods more vital, safe and attractive.

The “Night of Safety” will give students a dual perspective on their safety here at the University. Students will get up close and personal with the neighborhoods that are being threatened with the recent crime wave and the impact report that they’ll influence will affect future changes to campus safety.

MSA would also encourage students to take the Renters’ Survey. This survey provides students with the opportunity to assess the merit of their housing. Regardless of one’s type of housing – whether it be a residential hall, apartment complex, greek house or rented house – one can utilize this survey. The survey began in 2003 with the purpose of educating students about good places to live. It is comprised of questions regarding the pricing of housing units, safety, accessibility to public transportation, technological friendless, merit of landlords and so on. This survey provides students with a voice about their respective housing. Results from the survey will be printed in spring semester in a Renters’ Guide that MSA has produced for the last three years. These assessments are first-hand judgments from fellow students with the hopes that people will utilize the guides when they search for housing. The survey can be accessed directly from the MSA Web site at

Adam Engelman is MSA Facilities Housing and Transit Committee Chair and a University student. Please send comments to [email protected]