Say yes to student debt forgiveness

The recent buzz is all about forgiving student loan debt. The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board is in support of the idea, and I agree. Student loan debt would not only be beneficial on an individual level, but nationally as well by stimulating the economy.


This would allow students to spend money in the marketplace rather than paying off student loans and interest, which could take more than 20 years.

The economy needs drastic and immediate help in several areas. We cannot dwell on petty concerns about who paid off loans and who did not. We must be active in the present so we can be even more active in the future.

ItâÄôs great to see former students pay off their debt. They took care of their financial burdens the traditional way, unlike what students should rally for today. As everyone knows, times change. Graduates who have paid back their student debt in the past had lower interest than what students have now.

Unfair decisions have been made in the past and they still happen today. We need to approach student debt forgiveness one step at time. As time changes, so will the stipulations for this issue.

Some claim this would unjustly benefit one small part of the population. This is not true because it would help disabled students, veterans and financially struggling students. This is the point of the idea âÄî to help those in need.

We as a democracy should not hold individuals back, but push this nation to advance.

Some claim that forgiving student loan debt would de-value work ethics that have been ingrained in students, but this is not true. This would help more than it will hinder.

Being in debt does not push students in the right direction when it comes to jobs. Students will work hard no matter what.

There are many reasons and circumstances why a student should support this revolutionary idea. Those who support it arenâÄôt doing so because they allowed their GPA to drop or because they didnâÄôt work hard enough in high school. Even those who have worked hard still need help.

We are not here to tear one another down, but to help build this country and each other up.

Support the call for forgiveness of student loan debt. This initiative would not only help the economy, but individuals as well.