School’s out for summer, for some

Students will take summer classes, find jobs, visit hometowns and go abroad.

Tiff Clements

While students’ summer plans are diverse, many seem to include taking time for work and play.

Taking courses

Senior biology student Andrea Devine said she plans to take a Calculus II course.

Devine said the course will complete her degree, allowing her to graduate at the end of the summer.

“I’m not looking forward to having to get a job,” she said.

Facing the real world

Some students graduating this spring have set the summer aside as a time to find a real job.

Senior finance student David Lasset said he’ll leave Minneapolis after he graduates.

“I’m moving back home to Florida and looking for a full-time job,” he said.

Other graduates already have secured their full-time positions.

Nate Aul, who was to complete his master’s degree in civil engineering at the end of the semester, said he got a job this week.

“I’m going to be working in Minnetonka for Citigroup,” he said.

Being an intern

Junior nursing student Clarissa Tropezado said she will be an intern in California for six weeks this summer.

Tropezado said she would have liked to have spent some time traveling outside the United States but her coursework made it difficult to find time.

“I wanted to go abroad but I couldn’t because nursing is so packed,” she said.

Traveling abroad

Some students are making time this summer to visit countries abroad.

Ilya Salnikov, a first year bio-based products engineering student, said he is planning a trip.

“I’m going back to Russia to visit family,” Salnikov said.

He said he will spend most of his summer in the Twin Cities working at his dad’s window frame business while living at home in the metro area.

Moving home

Sophomore math student Lisa Delo said she is going back home and working.

“I might have to clean houses,” she said. “But I’m looking for something else.”