10 Classic April Fool’s pranks

Lucy Nieboer

Roommates can be tricky this time of year. Seven months into a lease tensions can run high. To take out some of those pent-up animosities, prank your cohabitants for some light-hearted roommate revenge. 

1. Clear rubber band around the dish sprayer. 

2. Plastic wrap over the toilet seat.

3. Shoes laced from the top down. 

4. Black shoe polish on black toilet seat. 

5. Oreo frosting replaced with toothpaste.

6. Clear nail polish over a bar of soap to stop it from sudsing.

7. Pant leg holes sewn together. 

8. Duct tape covering a door that only pulls in. 

9. Booby traps. 

10. Hand in a warm glass of water.