Go explore the artosphere

Art and music online blogs hold the keys to our cultural future.

In this day and age, students, young people and the Internet-savvy alike are finding the information they need and want online. Now, not only is the Internet used regularly as an arena for discussion regarding current events and political happenings, but the blogosphere is encompassing an infinite amount of information and discussion on topics like art and music. Thus, people are able to access an entire culture surrounding their interests online, learn from it, participate in it and create their own, even more personal identity. The greatest advantage that these online communities give is to musicians and artists themselves.

Web sites such as pitchforkmedia.com have created an independent music scene that is available for free to any Internet user. Pitchfork staff and freelancers write music reviews and provide song previews, band biographies and more for their site. These offer users before-you-buy answers to their curiosities and give them a name for otherwise barely heard of music groups.

Other sites are doing a similar thing with different media. Fine art is another area of interest that is benefiting greatly from the Internet blogosphere. Fecalface.com, based out of San Francisco, provides an online forum for artists and art lovers alike. The site contains calendars containing art openings and events in Los Angeles, New York, as well as the San Francisco Bay area. Users are encouraged to upload images of their own art to the site and comment on the blogs and features, including work from established and upcoming artists, links to other interesting sites and video clips.

Many other sites, such as the two mentioned above, exist. They are working together to deepen the impact that the arts have on people and the connection that people can have through their interests.

Our culture is Internet-dependent, and it looks like the Internet is helping our culture grow and spread to an enormous extent. Explore your favorite things online and learn more about how you can interact with your own passions.