Spring Jam’s best dressed

Death to neon tank tops

Senior Cassie Baumgartner, senior Russel Ndip and freshman Jacob Sands

Senior Cassie Baumgartner, senior Russel Ndip and freshman Jacob Sands

Melanie Richtman

In a sea of bro tanks and fanny packs, there were a few students who stood out during Spring Jam — their outfits being anything but basic. These individuals prove that it’s all in the details.

Who wore it: Cassie Baumgartner, environmental science, policy and management senior

Pairing shorts with a sweatshirt and boots is a great way to show some skin without being embarrassed to be seen in front of a professor. A light color palate makes this ensemble spring appropriate. The bandana headband and aviators give her look an edge. 

Who wore it: Russel Ndip, physiology senior

It’s easy to stand out among the crowd when you know how to layer appropriately. Temperamental weather makes dressing for spring difficult, but playing with proportions can make it easy. Short dresses, oversized sweaters and over-the-knee socks balance each other out so the look is chic, rather than revealing. Bonus points if you add a bright lipstick.

Who wore it: Jacob Sands, mechanical engineering freshman

If you’re in college and still wearing T-shirts and cargo shorts, you need to reassess your life. Take a cue from your peer and dress up a bit for spring — you won’t overheat, I promise. By simply buttoning that top button on your shirt, rolling the hem of your pants and mixing black and brown, you can quickly take your look to the next level.