Two laptops stolen from Smith Hall

Kia Farhang

A University of Minnesota graduate student and her coworker had their work laptops stolen from their office in Smith Hall sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Chemistry graduate student Zahra Sohrabpour said the window to her basement office was left unlocked and had fingerprints on it.

Sohrabpour and her coworkers usually keep the window locked, she said, and she doesn’t know who left it open.

Minneapolis police have recorded 518 thefts so far this year in the 2nd Precinct, which includes the University.

Grad student’s bike stolen

Plant pathology graduate student Austin Case locked his bike outside of the Christensen Laboratory on Monday morning when he came into work.

But the bike was gone later that afternoon, Case said. Another bike and a broken piece of his cable lock were in its place.

According to another report, a bike was also stolen from outside Amundson Hall sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Minneapolis police Sgt. Bill Palmer said in a previous interview with the Minnesota Daily that bike thefts are one of the most common crimes committed in the summer.

Two cited for public consumption

University police cited two men in separate incidents for public alcohol consumption, according to police reports.

The first man was drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag on Cedar Avenue South on Wednesday night, a police report said.

He tried to hide the bag behind him, the report said, but an officer found a bottle of vodka inside it.

Another man was lying on the ground on Franklin Avenue East on the Fourth of July and told University police “he had fallen and could not get up.”

He admitted a water bottle on the ground full of alcohol was his, the police report said. He was taken to the hospital because his blood alcohol content was four times the legal limit.