University student fends off robbery attempt

The attempted robbery took place Thursday night in Lilly Plaza.

Keaton Schmitt

A University student was tackled in an attempted robbery Thursday
night just east of Northrop Plaza.

Kaitlin Lalmond, a piano performance junior was walking through
Lilly Plaza at around 9:15 p.m. with a friend when her friend noticed a strange
man rushing toward her.

The unidentified man slammed into her from behind and tried
to strip her phone from her hand. His grab missed and knocked Lalmond to the

She said the man wrestled for the phone but couldn’t take
it. In the scuffle, the phone was thrown from the pair.

The suspect then ran off to the north. Lalmond briefly chased
after him, thinking he had taken her phone.

Lalmond wasn’t injured, she recovered her phone and nothing
else of hers was taken. The University of Minnesota Police Department is
currently investigating the case.