High taxes penalize rich unfairly

Let the wealthy keep their money and decide how to spend it.

To respond to a debate that has been going on in the Minnesota DailyâÄôs pages, conservatives do believe in the âÄúpurity and holiness of the free market,âÄù but we definitely did not cause the current recession.
How are all the people sitting at home collecting their endless unemployment benefits helping America get out of its current recession?
History tells us weâÄôre better off sticking to Ronald Reagan supply-side economics rather than continuing to pour  billions of dollars into our already gigantic national debt in the form of a stimulus package.
Conservatives are far from hypocritical; we just believe a woman has already made her choice to possibly have a baby when she decides to have sex. Demand far outnumbers supply when looking at the adoption market in the U.S. today, so even if the woman thinks she canâÄôt handle a newborn child in her life, someone can.
HereâÄôs an analogy to help liberals understand why conservatives fight against excessive taxes on the wealthy: Try thinking about money and GPA as the same thing. Just as one works to accumulate wealth, students work to boost their GPAs. Some students âÄî just like some workers âÄî are better off from the start, but in the end if they work hard enough they will earn high GPAs or salaries.
Should students with 4.0s give away grade points to the less fortunate students? Of course not. They earned those solid grades, so why should they have to sacrifice just to help the lazy students get by? Of course these situations are not exactly the same, but GPA and money are a fair comparison.
Conservatives are fighting for whatâÄôs right in America, and if we ever want to cut into this huge national debt weâÄôre carrying, why not leave it up to the people who succeeded at handling their money?