Forum focuses on academic integrity at U

University President Mark Yudof was among four panelists discussing student academic integrity at a Law School forum Tuesday, just weeks after he publicized findings of widespread academic misconduct in the men’s basketball program.
About 30 students and faculty members questioned the panelists during the discussion presented by the Student Senate Consultative Committee.
Some participants said they felt the recent scandal gave the University a bad reputation. They suggested improving the institution’s academic integrity with better disciplinary measures and honor codes.
“I think we need to make it clear what our expectations are,” said Fred Morrison, a consultative committee chairman and Law School professor.
But more importantly, cheating and plagiarism need to be prevented, several participants said.
“I think the University has to redouble its efforts to explain to the freshman what academic integrity means,” said Mike Sweeney, a Student Academic Integrity Committee member.
Forum moderator Reid LeBeau said the University has to send the right message about academic misconduct.
“When a person is cheating, the only people they are hurting are themselves and the people they will service and work with later on,” he said.
Yudof said most students, including student-athletes, have a high level of integrity. False perceptions about athletes come from the media, he said.
For example, student-athletes on average have higher grade point averages than the general student population, Yudof said.

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