St. Paul gang injunction taken under advisement

Gang members would have to meet specific parameters to attend a local festival.

Ramsey County District Judge Gregg Johnson has taken under advisement an injunction against the Sureño 13 gang. City officials expect Johnson to make a ruling within the next week. The injunction would prohibit 10 known members of the gang from associating with each other, or with any other known members, in St. Paul West side neighborhoods during the annual Cinco de Mayo festival May 1-3. The ten members who were served subpoenas in regards to the injunction are considered to be the most influential of local gang members. No members of the gang spoke or submitted written statements on their own behalf, Johnson said. If approved by the judge, restricted activities would include wearing gang colors, such as blue, showing gang signs or recruiting people into the gang. The injunction, which is the first of its kind for Minnesota, is modeled after similar cases in Los Angeles and Texas. Although this injunction is specifically target at the Sureño 13 during the festival, Choi said there is the possibility that the city will seek more gang injunctions in the future for other gangs. He also said there have been talks of a permanent injunction for certain neighborhoods. Permanent gang injunctions are common in Los Angeles. Gang members would be allowed to attend the festival as long as they do not break parameters set by the injunction. Check back on for more.