We are livingin a singles world

Valentine’s Day should be spent happily, date or no date.

At any given time, about half of all University students aren’t married or in a committed relationship. On Valentine’s Day, it is easy for a single person to feel like he or she is missing out on something – or someone – special. However, there are things about being single that are worth celebrating, and there are things about being in a relationship that aren’t so great after all.

Valentine’s Day can be problematic. For most couples, one person looks forward to Feb. 14 with unrivaled excitement and spends oodles of time and money on thoughtful gifts. The other partner couldn’t care less about the “holiday” and ends up buying gifts that seem, to him or her, an unnecessary waste of money, just to please the partner. Being single, a person saves money and time.

Being single can be saddening to some, but it should instead give feelings of self-satisfaction. Being single allows people to spend more of their time developing themselves, to do things they enjoy and to be whole, without an other half.

Today, more people are living single than ever before. In fact, about 48 percent of American women over age 18 are living single. Many of them are completely satisfied with their status, as well. Single women are an increasing sector of real estate and auto buyers.

People are putting off marriage and focusing on personal development and education. In 1960, couples were getting married at ages 20-23; now, the average age to get hitched is 26-27.

This means that, in general, American singles are happier than ever. They aren’t waiting around and feeling bad that Mr. or Ms. Right hasn’t come along.

Single or not, Valentine’s Day is here. Instead of focusing on finding or celebrating true love, people should be considering what it is that they love about themselves. What exactly is it that makes you a good catch? Who else in your life do you love? Round up your friends and go out on your own date. Call your parents. But do not let the day get you down – date or no date.