2010 Election Guide: Tom Schrunk, Independent

Andre Eggert

How will you address the federal budget deficit?
By insisting that our laws be written to benefit the citizens rather than political parties or particular interests who have access
to our Legislatures âĦ
I will use, as a measure of a billâÄôs worth, that it benefits the citizens more than it costs the citizens now and in the future. If every law benefits more than it costs there is no further deficit.
How would you work with members of the other party to reduce the gridlock in Congress?
Three words: I reject partisanship.
I donâÄôt care if the political advantage of a bill goes to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or the Independence Party. The only thing that matters is that it effectively serves the needs of the American people.
Would you support a second stimulus bill?
I would support a very targeted second stimulus âĦ Experts on the subject say that the first stimulus was not enough. It was not well-targeted.
IâÄôm very concerned about the deficit. A stimulus bill, if thoroughly researched and properly directed, should be considered.
What should federal immigration reform look like?
IâÄôm a strong advocate of guest-worker status for immigrants who are currently here if they can demonstrate they have committed no crime other than their illegal entry.
To give a different path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are here âÄî that is different from requirements for those still in their country of origin âÄî would send a powerful message to those contemplating illegally immigrating.
I am against creating a special path to citizenship. They have broken the law.
The DonâÄôt Ask, DonâÄôt Tell policy was recently overturned by a federal judge. Do you agree with that ruling, and what would you do for gay rights on the national level?
I agree with the ruling. [I support] gay rights. They should have rights identical to heterosexuals.
Do you support the health care legislation passed last session, and should there be further federal action on health care?
President Barack Obama said if we were starting over weâÄôd do it different. It should have been done differently. IâÄôm in favor of a single-payer health care plan.
I think itâÄôs marvelous that over 30 million people now have health care coverage âĦ but I think it could have been much better than it is.
IâÄôd like to âĦ allow the government the ability to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceuticals âĦ strike down the prohibition
of buying insurance across state lines and âĦ [and] strengthen health savings accounts.
Do you support cap-and-trade legislation?
Yes I do. ItâÄôs the least expensive and most efficient way to bring down emissions.
Do you agree with the Supreme CourtâÄôs Citizens United decisions? Why or why not?
I think itâÄôs a terrible decision.
Corporations do not have the right to vote, they should not have the ability to influence the vote.