After Bachmann drops out, Graves does the same

Cody Nelson

Days after U.S. Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Stillwater, announced she won't run for reelection, her main challenger said he will do the same.

Democrat Jim Graves announced Friday that he will not run for Bachmann's seat, a reversal of his position earlier in the week, MPR News reports.

For Graves, it's a "mission accomplished" in Bachmann not running for Minnesota's 6th District congressional seat, he said in a policy statement.

The 6th District, which includes St. Cloud and the northwestern metro area, is traditionally Minnesota's most conservative congressional district. In last fall's election, Bachmann won reelection by a close margin over Graves.

When Bachmann announced she wouldn't run for reelection in 2014, MPR compiled a list of Republicans who may be interested in running for her seat.