Libertarians want consistency

The positions on libertarianism written in MondayâÄôs Daily are very well stated except for the confusion which supposedly comes from whether to remove power from corporations or government when both are powerful. Many of the said corporations become powerful through government aid and interference, which any libertarian is opposed to. This is because government interference in the economy is a polar opposite to libertarianism, and is the essential basis of socialist economy. This does not mean that libertarians are opposed to all government interference in the economy. Monopolies are one example where most libertarians want government interference, because most monopolies come from corporate bullying, which is not an open economy. But in this case the government is not really interfering in the economy, but addressing a legal issue between two or more entities. The essential base for libertarian belief is less government power and a consistency in those laws imposed by that power, which allows people to understand the law, and function within the system. Without this consistency, whoever the government likes at the time will benefit, which is not the basis for a fair and equal system. Winston Elliott University student