‘Vote no’ support rising

49 percent of Minnesotans oppose the marriage amendment.

‘Vote no’ support rising

Jessica Lee

A poll released Monday showed more Minnesotans oppose the upcoming marriage amendment than favor it.

Public Policy Polling’s latest poll showed 49 percent of Minnesotans opposed the amendment to ban same-sex marriage, while 46 percent favored it.

The numbers are a flip from a September poll that showed a majority supporting the amendment 48-47.

“The marriage amendment in Minnesota continues to look like a toss-up,” Public Policy Polling President Dean Debnam said in a release. “Voters are very closely divided on the issue.”

The poll results on Monday also showed narrowing margins for the voter ID amendment.

The newest poll showed 51 percent of voters plan to support the amendment, with 43 opposed. Last month, 56 percent supported it, and 39 percent were against it.

The percentage of Democrats that oppose the voter ID amendment has now surpassed the percentage that oppose the marriage amendment, the poll showed.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 937 likely Minnesota voters by telephone from Oct. 5-8.