Chris Pfarr’s legacy extends beyond performance

Senior Chris Pfarr 50-55 overall in his time with the Gophers.

Senior Chris Pfarr at 174 takes on Northwesterns Johnny Sebastian during the match on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 at Maturi Pavillion.

Ellen Schmidt

Senior Chris Pfarr at 174 takes on Northwestern’s Johnny Sebastian during the match on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 at Maturi Pavillion.

by Owen Mageau

With the Gophers lineup featuring six ranked wrestlers, redshirt senior Chris Pfarr can go unnoticed by the average fan. 

However, he doesn’t go unnoticed by his teammates and coaches.

Pfarr brings much needed leadership and a respectful quality to the program. He said when other people see him working hard, they will work hard as well. One guy who has liked his style is sophomore heavyweight Rylee Streifel.

“Chris is a great leader,” Streifel said. “He’s a great leader on and off the mat. He gets his work done on the mat as well as off the mat. He does a lot of homework and helps guys with tutoring. He’s just a very hard worker … and a great example to be led by.” 

Pfarr’s work ethic not only sets an example for his teammates, it can wake them up when they’re not on their game. Head coach Brandon Eggum said Pfarr’s raw style is contagious and that it sets the team’s pace at a really high level.

“The momentum that Chris puts out on the mat, the way that he wrestles, that is something that is contagious,” Eggum said. “You see that fight and effort; I think everyone on our team respects it.”

During his career with the Gophers, Pfarr has had some success. He has an overall career record of 50-55. Throughout his tenure, he has piled up eight major decision victories. This year, he currently has a 12-10 overall record and an 8-7 dual record.

Pfarr’s favorite memory of his tenure with Minnesota came on Jan. 15, 2017, when Minnesota defeated Wisconsin 18-15 at Maturi Pavilion. The dual was tied at 15 heading into the final match at 174. The unranked Pfarr defeated then-No. 20, Ryan Christensen 7-4 to give the Gophers an 18-15 victory.

“It was really exciting,” Pfarr said. “The crowd was really into it. They were staying loud the whole match and I got to celebrate it with my brother [Brett Pfarr] because he was on the team then.”

Eggum said Pfarr is always talking with young fans after duals. He said it shows what type of person Pfarr is because he is busy and he has a lot of things to do. Giving up his time to interact with younger fans is a big deal. 

Pfarr attributed his willingness to hang around with kids after duals to just being respectful and what he would want if he were in the kids’ shoes.

“I look up to other people and if I met them, I would want them to treat me with respect and be interested in what I have to say,” Pfarr said. “So, I do the same for anybody that looks up to me.”

Pfarr’s work ethic will be on display Friday when Minnesota takes on Rutgers in the first of the three remaining regular season duals in Pfarr’s career.