Suspects arrested in recent muggings

Two U students were mugged at gun-point over the weekend.

Kaitlin Walker

Three men were arrested for attempted robbery Saturday night, and one may be responsible for robbing two University of Minnesota students earlier that day.

Zach Scharping and Katherine Lymn were standing in front of LymnâÄôs apartment building on Eighth Avenue Southeast around 2 a.m. when the suspect, who Lymn described as a college-aged black male between 5âÄô8âÄù and 5âÄô9âÄù, approached them and asked if they wanted to buy marijuana.

The two declined, and Lymn, a Minnesota Daily news editor, said the suspect immediately lifted his shirt, revealing a black handgun tucked in the waistband of his dark-colored jeans and demanded they empty their pockets.

Scharping said he didnâÄôt see the gun right away and attempted to fight the suspect who then hit him over the head with the gun.

âÄúHe was smaller than I was, so it was basically me thinking âÄòIf you want my wallet, youâÄôre going to have to take it from me âÄî IâÄôm not going to give it to you,âÄôâÄù Scharping said.

âÄúThatâÄôs when I was really scared,âÄù Lymn said. âÄúI thought he was going to shoot my friend.âÄù

The suspect grabbed LymnâÄôs passport, cellphone and debit card along with ScharpingâÄôs wallet and took off on foot, heading south toward University Avenue, Lymn said.

âÄúI was just glad when the guy left,âÄù she said.

Minneapolis police requested that Scharping and Lymn look at pictures and possibly identify the man.

Lymn spent Saturday night at her motherâÄôs house in the suburbs and has kept friends around since returning home so she doesnâÄôt have to be alone. She said the incident has left her shaken.

âÄúIt makes it a little worse than if it wasnâÄôt outside my house,âÄù Lymn said. âÄúIâÄôd be able to go home and feel safe. IâÄôve just lost that ability.âÄù

Scharping escaped with minor injuries âÄî some slight swelling and a mild concussion. But he said the robbery has changed how he thinks about going out at night.

âÄúWe were in a pair, itâÄôs not like we were traveling alone,âÄù Scharping said. âÄúAnd now that itâÄôs not even safe to travel in pairs, itâÄôs kind of startling.âÄù

Lymn said she knows she wonâÄôt be able to walk alone at night for a long time.

âÄúItâÄôs something you never think is going to happen to you until all of sudden it does when youâÄôre least expecting it,âÄù Scharping said.

On Monday, police told Scharping and Lymn that three men were arrested for attempting to rob someone with a pellet gun Saturday night on the same block.

âÄúIâÄôm so glad I wasnâÄôt there Saturday night,âÄù Lymn said.

Lymn said she is going to city hall this morning to look at photos and possibly identify one of the suspects as the man who robbed her.

âÄúIt makes me feel better that they may have caught him,âÄù she said.