Daily Digest: Children’s hospital transplants, U doctors in Uganda

Lisa Zehner

Welcome to Thursday, another dark and gloomy day outside, but I’ll spare the "it’s depressing weather" rant and get right into it:

*Local TV station Kare11 did a "several month" investigation that looked at University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital practices in heart transplants and found only one child received a transplant there since 2005, despite the hospital being the only place in the Twin Cities where children can receive heart transplants. The only children to come off the list this year were either transferred to an out-of-state hospital to receive a transplant or died. Here is the link to the second part of the investigation.

*You likely read our story about the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents (governing body) is going to vote on whether they want to sell alcohol at the new TCF Bank Stadium, as well as other sports facilities, such as Williams and Mariucci arenas. Minnesota Public Radio did a story as well, looking more at how much it would cost people if the U passes it. It’s gonna be spendy.

*Minnpost contributor Sharon Schmickle did a story from Kampala, Uganda, looking at University of Minnesota doctors working with physicians in Uganda to fight HIV/AIDS. The story exams the current situation in Africa in terms of the pandemic. Very in-depth and interesting story.

That’s all for now. We will see you back here tomorrow, and hopefully by that time this whole economy crisis will blow over.