McCain, Obama round two tonight

Devin Henry

John McCain and Barack Obama meet in Nashville tonight in the second presidential debate. Tom Brokaw will moderate, and questions will come from the audience. Tonight’s debate may take on extra importance, for many reasons. First, a new Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs/MPR Poll finds that many people changed their preferences following last Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate. Voters seem to be using the debates as possible deciding factors in this election… Second, the town hall meeting format seems to be McCain’s favorite. You may remember he proposed a series of joint town hall meetings with Obama earlier in the election… Finally, Obama’s lead in the Humphrey Institute’s poll seems to be no anomaly. Other Polls show his support steadily growing in battleground states across the nation… After the first presidential debate, someone asked an audience at a nonpartisan viewing party gathered in Willey Hall who they thought had won. Every single person in the auditorium chose Obama. What about tonight– Who do you think won? Devin Henry Staff Reporter