Cheers to the late-night crowd


I’d like to take a moment to recognize the insomniacs, credit over-loaders and caffeine addicts who come out during after-hours in the dorms. From study lounges to computer labs, they can be found writing extensive research papers, re-watching all the “Lost” episodes on Netflix and debating the complexities of quantum physics. While the rest of us may not be accustomed to their strange sleeping habits, there’s something to be said for the late-night crowd.

First off, they are a remarkably inclusive group. This probably comes from the range of people they get coming into their safe haven but also because they don’t feel the need to exclude anyone. Those who can’t sleep are happy for some company, and those who are studying are desperate for a break. Anyone who can provide either is welcomed with open arms.

Second, they are incredibly well-versed in current events. Being awake when no one else means they are the first to read breaking news. More so, they crave intellectual stimulation in the barren hours and find it through debate and discussion with one another.

I myself have had more engaging conversations with this group than in any so-called discussion section and with no tuition dollars spent.

Finally, the nocturnal bunch does not feel the need to conform to societal norms. With unconventional sleeping patterns, they are used to falling slightly outside of what is deemed socially acceptable.

Between openly playing World of Warcraft and staying in every Friday night, they are more comfortable in their own skin than the average freshman, and that’s something to be admired.

So to anyone looking for a place to finish that paper when your roommate is trying to sleep or anyone who simply needs some quality conversation when their mind won’t let them catch some Zs, see what the late-night crowd is up to. You’d be surprised at the depth and interest this subculture provides. Who knows, maybe you’ll start staying up with them, too.