Dinkytown Espresso 22

by Benjamin Ganje

A robber entered Espresso 22 around 6 p.m. last Wednesday and stole more than $200 from the cash register.
David Pena, a psychology senior, was on duty at the coffee shop when the robbery took place.
The suspect walked up to the counter, reached across and turned the key that opens the register, Pena said. Pena was standing a few feet away.
When Pena confronted the suspect, the man threw the one- and five-dollar bills down saying he did not take anything else.
The Minneapolis police report indicates that the suspect made off with about $200 in 10- and 20-dollar bills.
Kamran Shahmirzadi, the owner of Espresso 22, said his workers described the suspect as tall and well-built, around 200 lbs. Pena said the robber was a younger, black man.
“I have seen him around Dinkytown for the past few years,” Pena said.
The suspect is known to sell candy for donations in the Dinkytown area, Shahmirzadi said.
The suspect left the candy he was peddling on the counter after he robbed the coffee shop, Pena said.
No arrests have been made.

In other police news:
ù A 34-year-old Minneapolis man was arrested Sunday in connection with stealing a purse at the Juute Salon at 201 Main St. S.E.
The suspect entered the business and stole a purse from a salon employee, according to a Minneapolis police report.
The man arrested has been charged with 35 separate crimes in Hennepin County since 1989, but has not yet been formally charged for Sunday’s crime.
The Juute Salon declined to comment on the burglary.

ù Burglars stole $480 in electronics from Djr Architects at 212 2nd St. S.E. sometime between Saturday evening and Monday morning.
According to a Minneapolis police report, burglars most likely gained entry to the building by prying open the front door.
The stolen items include a laptop computer, digital camera with charger and a 35mm camera.
Police have made no arrests in this case.

— Staff Reporter Liz Bogut contributed to this report.