SSFC shouldn’t fund CFACT

Thomas Trehus

IâÄôm writing to express my dismay with the Student Services Fees CommitteeâÄôs recommendation to increase the funding for Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow. Are you kidding us? CFACT does absolutely nothing for the students on this campus. It brings questionably credible speakers to campus for events few students actually attend. CFACT holds âÄúConservative Coming Out WeekâÄù as a way to mock the GLBT community. CFACT members complain that they are being treated unfairly because of their political perspective. CFACT is not being treated unfairly because of its politics. Rather, it does nothing to deserve the funding it requests. There are student groups that do twice as much as CFACT with a tenth of CFACTâÄôs budget, which is currently recommended at more than $100,000. The only reason CFACT is being recommended at such a level of support is because their friends are on the Fees Committee. CFACTâÄôs mission is to attack effective student organizations that disagree with their industry-funded political agenda. Thomas Trehus, University undergraduate student