Movie review: “Antiviral”

Yena Lee


(via Google Images)



Directed & written by: Brandon Cronenberg

Starring: Caleb Landry Jones, Sarah Gadon


Yes, this movie is gross. But that’s somewhat expected from director Brandon Cronenberg.


Although not much is known about Brandon Cronenberg himself, everyone knows his father David Cronenberg — an acclaimed director.


After watching Brandon Cronenberg’s first full-length film, you get a sense that the father-son duo really likes the concept of body horror.


The main character of the film, Syd, works at a clinic that buys the viruses of celebrities that are sick. Non-famous people purchase doses of these viruses to inject themselves. Why? Because they want to establish a deep connection with celebrities.


I didn’t continue watching the film because I thought the plotline was enticing — it really wasn’t —  however, I watched it for Brandon Cronenberg’s directorial-style. And I have to say, it was pretty impressive.


During the duration of the film, Brandon Cronenberg does not disappoint viewers when it comes to body horror. Staying true to the Cronenberg style, you’ll see blood and needles. Although I don’t think “Antiviral” is a true horror film, it’ll definitely make someone squeamish with all the bodily fluids and epidermis puncturing.  

Brandon Cronenberg, similar to his father, makes a bold statement about celebrity culture with “Antiviral.” Although the plotline is a bit heavy and weary, the concept of it is interesting enough to keep watching.