Student Services Fees Committee members

ù Jonathan Grebner is a College of Liberal Arts sophomore who has political experience from working on the Dayton for Senate campaign and serving as secretary of the College Democrats. He is also a former member of Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) and a current member of Minnesota Student Association.
“I think the Student Service Fees Committee is the most important extension of student government on campus,” Grebner said. “It is important that the committee be treated with respect rather than a political tool for any particular ideology.”
ù Carlson School of Management junior Laura Whisney is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity.
“I want to serve on this committee because I have always found the system of allocating funds interesting,” Whisney said. “I feel the committee’s decisions impact the entire University and I will work to ensure they are conducted on a most professional basis.”
ù Brian Wiedenmeier is a freshman in CLA. He is co-facilitator for Queer Men, a member group within the Queer Student Cultural Center, and a program intern for MPIRG. He is interested in serving on the committee “because I believe I can accurately represent many of the students served by fees-receiving groups.”
ù David Redlinger is a CSOM freshman who believes he can “bring a financial perspective to the committee.” He is in the Carlson School’s Honors Emerging Leadership Program.
ù John Wayne Pint is an Institute of Technology senior. He is on the executive board of the Inter-Fraternity Council as a co-chair for New Student Weekend.
ù CLA senior Patrick Peterson has been involved with MSA as a chair of the Student Life Committee, speaker of the Forum and is the current chairman of the DEF grants committee.
“I believe that it is important to mix a sense of fiscal responsibility with an enlightened understanding of the mission of the University,” Peterson said.
ù Theodora Nemeth, who is also a CLA senior, participates in the Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education program. She is also a certified nursing assistant and has worked with the campus Green Party.
“I feel strongly that the financial resources available for student organizing are essential components of a rich and diverse campus culture,” Nemeth said.
ù CLA junior Kevin McColl is a member of the Role Playing Special Interest Group and works at The Minnesota Daily.
ù Erin Kaufenberg is a CLA freshman. She is currently in MPIRG and got involved in the fees committee because she wanted to have a say in how student fees are allocated.
ù Thomas Haakenson is a CLA graduate student. He is a member of the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union and served on the QSCC board of governors.
ù Paul Enever is an IT graduate student. He was a founding member of Graduate Students Against Unionization, and participated in GAPSA. He is also the chair of the Student Services Fees Task Force.
“I am interested in serving on the fees committee for two reasons,” Enever said. “I want to help avoid the conflicts that took place last year and I hope to bring experience to the committee.”
ù Phillip Cole is also an IT graduate student. He is the executive vice president of GAPSA and the Council of Graduate Students, and a member of the University Senate.
ù Corrie Bastian is a CLA sophomore. She has worked with MPIRG, Americorps and the anthropology club.