Israel Journal: Soldiers on alert at a West Bank security fence

by Lisa Zehner

QALQILYA, Israel – The following are several photographs of Israeli soldiers patrolling a security fence near the entrance of Kalkilia, a city in the West Bank. Though the current fighting is going on in Gaza, the Israelis patrolling West Bank borders have been put on alert due to several protests in the areas. The West Bank territory is surrounded by a security fence. An Israeli soldier makes a call from his Humvee Thursday near a security fence entrance to the West Bank city of Kalkilia, Israel. Most men and women are required to serve in the army in Israel once they turn 18. Men serve for three years and women serve for two. Most of the soldiers are quite young. These two soldiers are both 20 years old. Neither would give their names due to restrictions from their superiors. Having been in the army for only two years, the woman pictured is already a second lieutenant.