Daily Digest: Law School back at top 20, private vs. public, and more

Lisa Zehner

Here is a digest of University of Minnesota-related news from other sources that you still might be curious about:

U of M Law School back at top 20

Last year, the Daily reported the Law School falling from the list of top 20 law schools in the nation to number 22. Well, according to the Minnesota Lawyer, last week’s U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Minnesota was back in the top 20 just barely. It is tied at 20th place with law schools at Emory University and Boston University.

Legislators debate public employee data: Private vs. public

The Star Tribune has a report that looks at House and Senate versions of bills that would either make outside income of public officials public or completely private, respectively. The Daily is also cited in this one because we made a case to the Department of Administration after the University of Minnesota denied our request for outside income of multiple athletics coaches. Read the advisory opinion here.

Lung cancer risk study

The recent study that found that a urine test can determine a smoker’s lung cancer risk got some coverage by CNN. The article has a Q&A background, answering questions such as "Why did researchers track only levels of one carcinogen?"

Political writer to speak at U

Jane Mayer, a staff writer for the New Yorker magazine, will be speaking a the University of Minnesota Tuesday on terrorism and Obama’s new administration, according to Capitol Report. She will be speaking at forum along with political science professor Larry Jacobs and former Vice President Walter Mondale at the Humphrey Institute. Mayer’s talk begins at noon.