Daily hires business

by Brian Close

The Minnesota Daily’s Board of Directors appointed a new business manager at a meeting April 23.
Adam Duey received the appointment after four hours of interviews and deliberation. Duey is the Daily’s accounting manager.
He will supervise all of the Daily’s noneditorial operations, including marketing, production and sales.
Duey, a fourth-year corporate finance major at the Carlson School of Management, called the process “exhausting.”
He said he hopes to improve the Daily’s training and make employees more attractive to employers when they graduate from the University. He said he will work on building client rapport and improving departmental communication.
“It has been very easy for people to go along and hold the status quo, and not really challenge everything,” Duey said.
Damon Ray, the board’s president, said he is confident Duey’s background makes him an appropriate choice for business manager.
“Adam has a very strong financial background and understands the Daily’s numbers,” he said. “He’s had various different roles at the Daily, so he understands all the aspects.”
Duey has also worked as the Daily’s payroll administrator.
Duey, who will begin the new position June 15, said it fits well into his career plans.
“It will give me a lot of experience dealing with the (paper) as a whole; dealing with issues that affect more than one department,” he said.
The business manager’s counterpart is the editor in chief, responsible for the Daily’s news coverage and editorial content.
The business manager and editor in chief are both appointed by the board for one-year terms.