Minnesota’s governor should focus on Minnesota

by Andrew Lewis - Daily reader

Mike MunzenriderâÄôs Tuesday column was interesting and IâÄôm not sure who is to blame about the “spectacle” of national politics. There has certainly been resistance from the candidates in commenting on national races. Michele Bachmann had no comment on the gubernatorial hopeful (nutcase) Carl Paladino in New York. Still, others have openly embraced the national spectacle. Newt Gingrich endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer and President Barack Obama is visiting Minnesota this weekend in support of DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

The media and public have forced it. Does it matter what our gubernatorial candidates think about Arizona cracking down on immigration with a controversial law? It isnâÄôt a problem here.

I personally hope our next governor maintains his focus right here and remembers that he is serving the people of the fine state of Minnesota above all others (exceptions to his family, self and God).