Mpls. school cuts district employees

Minneapolis Public Schools announced last Monday that it is in the process of dismissing about 160 district employees. The layoffs, up from the previous estimate of 120, include both part-time and full-time administrative workers from the district’s central office.

The goal is to allocate about $11.6 million back into the schools themselves. This money will support initiatives such as reducing class sizes and boosting special education programs. The district also has a goal to hire about 350 new teachers next fall.

While the cuts are painful for those whose jobs are affected, the district recommends that the laid-off administrators apply for positions that will open up next fall. District spokeswoman Rachel Hicks spoke to the Star Tribune on Monday and addressed this issue, stating that one goal is “returning those very talented people to the classroom.”

Since interim superintendent Michael Goar voiced his intention to cut down the size of the district’s administration last February, he has been both criticized and commended for his decision.

We feel that this action, while unfortunate for those who lose their jobs, is necessary in order to cut administrative bloat while directly supporting schools that need financial help. Moreover, we urge the University of Minnesota to take heed of this development.

The University of Minnesota has been criticized for its excessive administrative spending. With the administration pursuing a tuition freeze, we believe that savings should extend to administrative spending as well. After all, if Minneapolis public schools can do it, so can the University.