Official disciplined for call in Gophers’ win

Charlie Armitz

A men’s basketball official from the Gophers’ game against Virginia Tech on Wednesday night has been disciplined for misapplying a rule in the final seconds of Minnesota’s 58-55 win.

The official called a back court violation on Virginia Tech with 8.5 seconds left and the Gophers leading 56-55. On the play, a Hokies player tipped the ball from the front court into the back court before taking control of the ball.

The Big Ten released a statement Friday stating that the official had incorrectly applied Rule 4, Section 3, back court/front court.

Specifically, it appears the official violated Articles 5 and 6 of the rule, which state:

Art. 5. Regardless of where the throw-in spot is located, the throw-in team may cause the ball to go into the back court.

Art 6. After the throw-in ends, an inbounds player in the front court, who is not in control of the ball, may cause the ball to go into the back court.

A video of the play can be found on YouTube.