The Halloweenista Is In: It’s Costume Time

A&E found three U of M students planning costumes that are unique or clever or funny or whatever. Enjoy.

Amy Palmer raps as Bon Qui Qui at King Burger from MAD TV.

Amy Palmer raps as Bon Qui Qui at King Burger from MAD TV.

by Carter Haaland

Halloween is the creative mindâÄôs time to shine: a whole day to step into another character, whatever character you want. Sure plenty of folks hastily throw together a costume from whatever they can find in their closet, but there are also plenty of diehards that pour their heart and soul into their costume and, if just for one night, become the life of the party. A&E searched far and wide and found three students who are going all out this year.

Keystone Samurai

Brett Stolpestad, philosophy sophomore

The samurai, the now-mythical pre-industrial Japanese warrior, comes dripping with all of the badass connotations of Chuck Norris but with an indistinct face. Stolpestad cleaned up a frat house Saturday morning and had all the materials he needed to turn a Friday nightâÄôs trash into Halloween gold.

âÄúIâÄôve always admired samurai. IâÄôve always wanted to be some sort of ninja and/or samurai for Halloween,âÄù he said. âÄúI got the idea from a picture on the Internet and just decided to make my own.âÄù

Stolpestad spent upward of eight hours meticulously crafting his suit of armor out of empty Keystone Light cases. Though his craftsmanship is spot on, he hasnâÄôt had much experience putting a lot of effort into Halloween costumes.

âÄúEvery year IâÄôve just kind of casually thrown a costume together and this year I wanted to do something kind of cool that would stand out and would also be fun to make,âÄù he said.

Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development

Andrew Rynda, mechanical engineering senior

Despite critical acclaim, the snowballing, quick-witted giggles of âÄúArrested DevelopmentâÄù met their demise five years ago when Fox canceled the show in 2006 due to mediocre ratings. But thanks to the advent of Netflix and a committed cult following, the showâÄôs legacy still has a palpable heartbeat. RyndaâÄôs Tobias get-up is a testament to the showâÄôs hilarity and the recently announced full-length feature film could not come soon enough.

âÄúI was talking one night with my friend about âÄòArrested DevelopmentâÄô and it just popped into my mind. Then I became extremely enthusiastic about it,âÄù Rynda said.

Sporting the âÄúnever nudeâÄù cut-off jeans, a bald cap and a fully blue painted body, letâÄôs all hope Rynda will slyly slip an excessive number of sexual innuendos into casual conversation this weekend.

Bon Qui Qui from the âÄúMad TVâÄù skit

Amy Palmer, international business and marketing senior

When âÄúMad TVâÄù skits leave the television and leak onto Youtube, we find out which ones have staying power and which ones will have people laughing for years to come. With more than 50 million hits, Bon Qui Qui undoubtedly belongs to the latter group.

âÄúLast spring I studied abroad and one of the things my new friends and I did there was watch Youtube videos when we wanted to remember home,âÄù Palmer said. âÄúBon Qui Qui happened to be one of those and she had us laughing hard enough that I thought it would be a good Halloween costume.âÄù

In jovial Halloween spirit, PalmerâÄôs costume is just another way for her to make people laugh.

âÄúHalloween is an opportunity to either express yourself creatively or just be goofy because you can,âÄù Palmer said. âÄúI like to have fun and make people smile.âÄù