The Fashionista is in: your 2016 Halloweekend trend roundup

In case you haven’t heard, aliens are the new cats.

by Maddy Folstein

Trick-or-treating may be reserved for little kids, but Halloween seems to be even more exciting for those 18+.

This weekend, the University of Minnesota saw costumes ranging from cute to nostalgic to completely terrifying.

“Lots of cats. Lots of vampires. Lots of “Orange is the New Black.” Lots of Mario and Luigi — I saw them four times. And then the go-to onesie,” said Jessica Hill, a freshman studying history at the University. Hill herself opted for a vampire costume with an all-black outfit and a trickle of blood running down her chin.

Despite the variety of costumes showcased, it’s pretty easy to determine the most popular trends of Halloweekend 2016. Here’s A&E’s roundup:


Yes, cats are still some of the most popular costumes. I counted 14 in an hour while sitting at a Dinkytown restaurant.

These costumes can feel lazy — a pair of cat ears and an all-black ensemble seems like an easy way out. However, the cat costume is a versatile choice — I saw cats in jeans, cats in short-shorts and cats in little black dresses. No Andrew Lloyd Webber versions were spotted, unfortunately.

However, there are ways to update the traditional black cat costume. Jenna Pleshek, a University of Minnesota freshman studying anthropology, chose a new route. “I went with cat, I put “copy” on it, and now I’m a copycat,” she said.

A little overdone? Sure. But simple and flattering? Forever.


Alien costumes are the new cat costumes. The requirements for an alien costume are a little less clear, but most ensembles I saw included space buns (the ’90s-style, Mickey Mouse-esque two-bun hairstyle) and shiny, glittery accessories.

The “alien” is probably popular for the same reasons the cat costume is — it’s simple, especially with flashy pieces left over from summer music festivals and Kesha’s Oct. 21 concert.

It’s just as cute as your average black cat, but a little more out of this world.

A lack of spook

Maybe I was in the wrong place, but I didn’t see the scares I expected (except the Gollum outside of Jimmy John’s — good for you, kid). Most people opted for funny costumes — lots of popes and penguins. Next time, I’ll head to ValleySCARE or the Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement.

(I also didn’t see too many Harambes or Ken Bones, for which I was thankful.)

Nostalgia reigns

SpongeBob and Patrick. Harry Potter. Danny and Sandy. Marty McFly.

Few things are as fun as seeing your childhood icons walk down the street just a little tipsier than you remember them.

Many of our childhood movies lent themselves to group costumes — the 101 Dalmatians (maybe not 101, but I definitely saw a few) and Alvin and the Chipmunks stood out.

The cartoon world is your Halloween oyster.

Normcore … maybe?

There were countless Halloween costumes that … weren’t clearly costumes. Were the people in sports jerseys and jeans just trying to show their team pride, or were they playing the role of avid sports fans? Were the guys in khakis and Sperrys just wearing a casual outfit, or were they making a comment on frat style in general?

The world may never know.