Culture Compass: Eels, apples and the end of the world

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, noodlewands.

Joe Kellen


Past the Apocalypse

Altered Esthetics

 1224 Quincy St. NE., Minneapolis

1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.



Whether you were a diehard believer in the apocalypse predictions for December 21st, 2012 or wrote it off as more eschatological garbage, there’s no denying that humans have an obsession with the destruction of the world as we know it. This is the theme of Altered Esthetics’ exhibition of the endtimes, featuring over fifteen artists working in a wide variety of mediums. Today’s your last chance, though—this apocalyptic art show ends its approximately month long run after 7 p.m.



First Avenue

701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis

8 p.m.


The acclaimed singer-songwriter is back on tour to promote the release of his new album “Wonderful, Glorious.” His emotionally complex lyrics, offbeat persona and multifaceted backing band are sure to produce a worthwhile experience this Friday. Known for his idiosyncratic live performances, Mark Oliver Everett’s project will keep you guessing, especially with openers like juggling duo Caught in the Act and a curiously ambiguous artist that adopts the title of “Frank Sinatra.”



“After the Apple”

The Playwright’s Center

2301 East Franklin Ave., Minneapolis

 7:30 p.m.


The Playwright’s Center is bringing forth yet another collection of new plays to the table, this time focusing on nine local female artists. Each of these short works are performed in their entirety every night of the run, making for an experience that will bring its audiences to innumerable states of engagement. The collection is billed as a grab bag of theater that plays across heartwarming morality tales, ridiculously funny satires and provocative experimental pieces, promising that this evening of stories has something for everyone.


Listen to this: “Brain-Dumb” by STNNNG

Local art punk mad scientists STNNNG are releasing their new album “Empire Inward” on Feb. 23, and this is its single. Layering distorted guitar that fires like a Gatling gun on top of a pulsating drum line that wouldn’t sound out of place at a tweeked out gathering for mephedrone popping percussion fiends, “Brain-Dumb” is a great introduction to the eccentric catalogue of the band. Be wary, though, STNNNG isn’t afraid to shake your eardrums with authoritative force.

Watch this: RussiaToday’s ”Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion that stirred panic in Urals region”

If you haven’t heard about the astronomical insanity that took science news by storm last Friday, here’s your chance to see the incident from multiple vantage points. This YouTube video presents a number of bystander clips and has understandably become viral over the past few days. Not only is the footage awe-inspiring and somewhat terrifying, but a compilation of footage like this reveals a number of things about the cultural significance of catastrophes. What it is about disasters that brings people together is ineffable in its own right, and 20 million views later, it’s crystal clear that something powerful happened there.


Read this: “Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie” the New York Times, Jan. 2013

Everyone’s talking about “The Canyons” and we’re all waiting for it to finally come out. It could see a theatrical release this summer, but there aren’t any concrete announcements just yet. Even if it doesn’t ever see the silver screen, reading about the arduous process of making the erotic thriller is definitely more fun than anticipating it. This first-person account of the unsettling relationship between Paul Schrader, Lindsay Lohan and the unfortunate cast and crew of “The Canyons” provides some humorous and slightly disturbing insight on the film. Besides, what better way is there to spend your time than updating your James Deen knowledge?