Daily Digest: Stem cells, ethanol, and cancer

Courtney Sinner

It’s Tuesday’s Daily Digest … we’re getting closer and closer to Spring Break by the day, and it’ll  be a welcome respite with the weather the way it’s been today. There’s been plenty all over the news about the U’s new proposed bike-share program, and the Daily will have a piece in Wednesday’s paper, so I’ll leave that out of today’s Digest. Here’s some other area news:


* News outlets have also been scooping up news on Obama’s stem cell research funding reversal, which will affec the U’s research greatly. If you’ve read the newspaper coverage (including ours), and are looking for a more fluffy take (sorry, couldn’t help myself), here’s links to FOX, WCCO’s and KARE11’s coverage of the U’s research potential in light of the reversal.


* Ethanol in Minnesota has been big in the news over the last month or so, especially since a U study came out saying that corn-based ethanol may not be our best bet. Now, MPR has an interesting take on it — apparently, the Environmental Protection Agency is doing their own study to see if the biofuel is really as "green" as we all think it is. Stay tuned for that one, kids.


* In more health news, the Pioneer Press picked up a report on a U of M study that located key genes associated with colorectal and liver cancers. As per usual, the study can be used to plan new drugs and therapies.


It’s getting a little later than usual for this edition of the Digest, so I’ll call it a night. Hasta lavista.


Courtney Sinner

Campus Editor