GAPSA considering restructure with new council

A new professional student assembly may be added for the 2014-15 academic year.

Haley Hansen

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly may undergo major restructuring next year in an attempt to prevent overlap and to better serve students.

Leaders within the group are proposing a new student government organization that’s equivalent to the Council of Graduate Students to specifically focus on the needs of professional students.

GAPSA President Alfonso Sintjago said with the proposed change, GAPSA would only meet a couple of times per year to discuss issues that cross between the groups.

GAPSA’s executive committee would be composed of four COGS members and four members from the new professional student organization, he said.

Sintjago said the potential change would eliminate overlap during assembly meetings.

“There were just too many similarities between COGS and GAPSA,” he said. “We think this solution will be better long term.”

COGS President Andrew McNally said both groups will present the idea to their executive boards and assemblies in the coming weeks. Students will likely vote on the new structure at the end of this semester or the beginning of next semester.

“This needs to be a decision that comes from all students,” he said.